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CSIR’s mission is to connect with the socially isolated and help bring them into community.

CSIR was started because its founder, Helen Rivas-Rose, experienced decades of social isolation; she found a pathway to recovery; and she is committed to helping others heal from this crippling disorder. When she was in a compromised state of mind due to her mental affliction Rivas-Rose didn’t think about the obvious: how to find help. This is typical of most social isolates. They often think they are the only ones who feel alone and lonely. They are ashamed to ask for help. So, they remain in a constant state of isolation and often put their lives at risk in a number of ways.

CSIR wants to make it known that social isolation and loneliness are widespread. The causes of social isolation vary greatly: for Helen it was 24/7 shyness, but all cases share healing remedies. People in all walks of life suffer from it, and with support, it can be overcome. CSIR’s goal is to be of help to this population and their families. Its plan is to educate others about the nature of isolation and encourage sufferers and their loved ones to seek help in healing from this debilitating condition.


Many areas of responsibility are touched by social isolation. No matter the sector—education, rehabilitation, law enforcement, or something else—we have resources for you.

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